Home Inspection Ocala FL | Home Inspector Ocala FL

Home Inspection Ocala FL | Home Inspector Ocala FL

Oxendine Home Inspections provides professional and trustworthy home inspection in Ocala, FL. With us you can be assured of a thorough inspection, and an unbiased and third party perspective of the condition of the home. We have the right tools and equipment to detect the presence of harmful substances in the house, and look for damages and defects that need to be addressed.

We put our findings and observations in a detailed inspection report which lists various major and minor defects, along with cost implications.

Best Home Inspector Ocala FL

One should always hire a home inspector in Ocala, FL who is licensed, trained and experienced. Such an inspector is knowledgeable enough to highlight defects and shortcomings in the house.

Unlike a quick walk-around of the property, our home inspections are rather more revelatory and dig into the actual condition of the structure, internal systems and major appliances that are handed to the buyer.

Wind Mitigation Ocala FL

Knowing that your prospective home can withstand storms and hurricane winds is a huge relief. But apart from that, the stronger and safer your home turns out to be, the less will be your insurance premium. Unarguably, wind mitigation inspection is a small investment that pays for itself.

Even small gaps in doors and windows can make a huge difference when seen in relation to strong winds and other environmental elements. Weak doors and windows or poorly secured roof can expose your property to an insurmountable risk of damage.

However, our home inspector in Ocala, FL can identify the ‘loose ends’ and help you take necessary measures to ‘tie them up’ before any calamity strikes.

New Home Inspection Ocala FL

If you have found the home that makes your eyes gleam, don’t rush into purchase yet. There may be various hidden defects that you did not notice during the property viewing. And these defects can incur a major repair bill down the road.

We provide a comprehensive home inspection in Ocala, FL, to help you learn everything about the home that you are planning to buy.

About Ocala
Ocala is a city in Marion County, Florida. As of the 2019 census, it had a population of 60,786 as estimated by the US Census Bureau. This makes it the 49th most populated city in Florida. Ocala is popular for Silver Springs, one of the largest artesian spring formations in the world, and Silver Springs Nature Theme Park, one of the earliest tourist attractions in Florida.

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