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New Home Inspector The Villages FL

Whether new or old, a home is a home. And if there’s anything that you know about homes in Florida, it’s the fact that they can develop a defect anytime, especially when they are being built or renovated.

With my new home inspection service, you will be able to identify minor and major constructional defects and their safety and monetary impacts. These defects may range from concrete faults in the foundation to poorly secured roofs or a plumbing arrangement that is highly likely to fall apart.

Utilizing my knowledge of the construction process, I can uncover defects that may have been built into your home, knowingly or unknowingly. A new home inspection is a small investment that can save you from major repairs and reworks down the years. I will also provide a detailed inspection report along with high-resolution digital pictures to help you understand the issue better.

Despite your builder’s best intentions, your new home can have serious defects, because even in these modern times, the science of construction is far from perfect.

Get in touch with me to order a new home inspection before the 1-year warranty expires, so that your builder can be held accountable for any issues that I might.

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