Wind Mitigation

Offering Wind Mitigation Inspection in The Villages, FL

I will inspect the wind-resistant features of your home, including windows, doors, roofing, etc. and document my findings in an easy-to-understand report.

Knowing that your prospective home can withstand storms and hurricane winds is a huge relief. But apart from that, the stronger and safer your home turns out to be, the less will be your insurance premium. Unarguably, wind mitigation inspection is a small investment that pays for itself.

Even small gaps in doors and windows can make a huge difference when seen in relation to strong winds and other environmental elements. Weak doors and windows or poorly secured roof can expose your property to an insurmountable risk of damage.

However, with wind mitigation inspection in The Villages FL, you can identify the ‘loose ends’ and take necessary measures to ‘tie them up’ before any calamity strikes.

During the wind mitigation inspection in The Villages FL, the following areas will be closely inspected:

  • Doors & Windows
  • Roof coverings
  • Roof-deck attachment
  • Roof-to-wall attachment
  • Secondary water-resistant layer beneath the roof(such as shingles)

A wind mitigation inspection in The Villages FL stands valid for five years. This means if your home checks out perfectly, you can enjoy significant savings on your home insurance for five years.

Get in touch with me today to schedule a wind mitigation inspection in The Villages FL, or get this as an add-on with your standard home inspection.

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